Monday   June 26, 2017
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2001 Advertising Rates
for Annuities Online, Variable Annuities Online, AnnuityRateWatch

Charter Sponsorship Rates for 2001
Section Monthly Price Size
Button: One at the bottom of every page Included 88 X 31
Banners: Minimum of 100,000 Impressions Included 468 X 60
Plans Available Monthly Price Cost
3 Months $2,500 $7,500
6 Months $2,000 $12,000
1 Year $1,500 $18,000

Banner Rates for 2001
Minimum purchase $2,500 Cost per 1,000 $25.00
Button Rates for 2001
Top of each page - Run of site
Minimum purchase $2,500
Cost per 1,000 $5.00

Banner ads are sold in units known as impressions or as pages viewed - often incorrectly referred to as hits. The people that see your banner ad and follow it to your URL (usually your website) is referred to as a "click through".

Once you purchase a block of banner ads we place the banner on the site and it rotates throughout the site as pages are viewed. Each banner is linked to a counter, preset with the number of impressions that you purchased, and remains in the rotation until the number of impressions expire.

The size of banner ads are 468 x 60 (standard size) pixels and should be sent as an attachment to, e-mail address: Also you may leave your banner at your URL, just e-mail us the banner URL and we will pick it up.

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