Monday   June 26, 2017
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Policy Cost Analysis Guide

This analytical tool provides you with the ability to analyze the costs of variable annuity policies. Rank in ascending order the Total Net Asset Charges, Mortality Expense, and Administrative Fess of variable annuity policies.

Trying to find the policy that offers a index sub-account with the lowest policy cost? The Policy Cost Analysis section the will do that for you!

Create an Analysis

Company, Product, Investment Objective
First select the Page in this section to begin analyzing policy cost data. You may analyze cost by "Company" or Product" or "Investment Objective". Then chose one of the "fields" from the scrolling menu.

Fee Type
  • Administrative Fees - Those fees charged for administering the policy.
  • Mortality Expense - The expense of providing a death benefit.
  • Total Net Asset Charges - The sum of the administrative fee and mortality expense.

This allows you to find costs that "=" (equal to), ">" (greater than), "=>" (equal to or greater than), "=<" (equal to or less than), "<" (less than) the value that you set in the Field Type" box.

To set the percentage value that your search for enter that value without the percentage sign; 1% would be 1.0 , 50 basis points or 1/2 of 1 percent would be .50

Use this field to set an upper limit to your search. Used in combination with the first "Range" field you can search for a band of results such as; find all the policies with a Total Net Asset Charge of 1.0 to 1.20%

Use their field to set an upper limit to your search.

You may rank your results in either descending or ascending order.

Deferred Sales Charges
Find a product with a deferred sales charge of a given number of year or less.

Date of Sales Charge
Chose from one of three options; None, Date of Deposit - sales charges beginning on each new deposit, Date of Contract - sales charges beginning form when the policy was issued.

Policy Type
Single Premium, Flexible Premium or Both

Plan Type Available
Select one or more plan types as all variable annuities do not accept all type of funds.

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