Monday   June 26, 2017
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Performance Analysis Guide

The Performance Analysis Section of this site allows you to research the performance of all the sub-accounts by various criteria. You may look up the rates of return over time intervals from one week to ten years, find only those sub-accounts that achieved a certain rate of return or higher, the combinations are endless.

We have set the defaluts for all our input screens as an example of the variety of combinations that you may search by.

Beginning a Search

Company or Product
First select a field from either the "Company" or "Product" scrolling menu. You can chose only one from either menu.

Select Field
Now chose a field from the "Select Field" pull down menu, we have select 1 Year for the default. You may a choose a field for each of the successive "Select Field" creating an output of more than one time interval. You could selct "1 Year", "3 Years", and "5 Years". Remeber the first "Select Field" entry is the one that the input is sorted by.

This allows you to find sub-accounts that are "=" (equal to), ">" (greater than), "=>" (equal to or greater than), "=<" (equal to or less than), "<" (less than) the value that you set in the "Field" box.

To set the percentage value that your searching for enter that value without the percentage sign.

Use this field to set an upper limit to your search. Used in combination with the first "Range" field you can search for a band of results such as; find all the subaccounts with a return greater or equal to 30% and equal to or less than 40%.

Use this filed to set an upper value to your search.

You may rank your results in either decending or acending order.

Explination of choices available in "Select Field"

Definitions of Investment Objective as defined the Lipper Analytical.

Advisor Group
The company that actually manages the assest in this usb-account.

The mortality expense charges to the policy each year.

The Total Net Assets of the subaccount - TNA.

The Annuity Unit Value as reported by Lipper Analytical before a contingent deferred sales charge is applied.

Time Intervals
You may select time intervals from one week to ten years. Which subaccounts over the past five years were the top performer....? Selct the 5 Year time interval and we;ll list them for you.

Rank sub-accounts according to thier performance by Investment Object - you select the time interval.

Compare with Indicies

You may compare the results of your search with one of the major indexes available. Choose for the list available......who beat the S&P 500?


Once your search has been completed you can graph the results, compare sub-account with sub-account, sub-account with index. A real eye opener, "A picture is worth a thousand words."

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