Monday   June 26, 2017
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Personal Portfolio Guide

Our Personal Portfolio section allows you to create up to six portfolios to monitor the performance of one or more variable annuity policies.

Creating a Portfolio
Creating a portfolio is very simple, from the "Select/Modify/Create" menu select "Create", give your portfolio a "Name" then "submit it".

Modifying this Portfolio - Adding policies and subaccounts.
Now select the "Name" of the portfolio you created and then select "Modify this Portfolio". Now you can select the policy you want to add to your portfolio from the "Add a Product to" menu and then "add" it.

Once you have added a product the "Add a Sub Account" menu appears with the name of the policy you selected and a list of subaccounts for that policy. Now all you need do is enter the original purchase information and " + " it.

Explanation of Fields

Purchase Information

After you select a Product the sub-accounts that are available in that product are listed and you may may chose one or more subaccounts. Please note that if you purchase more shares in a sub-account that you have already chosen, chose that sub-account again and enter the new purchase data. You may enter the same sub-account as many times as need to reflect the different purchase that you have made.

The date you purchased share in this subaccount expressed as 00/00/0000.

The number of shares purchased.

Obj - Investment Objective
The Investment Objective of the sub account as defined by Lipper Analytical.

The price you paid per share.

The amount of money you invested in that subaccount.

The percentage of your total investment of this portfolio invested in this subaccount.

% - Asset Rebalancing
This field allows you to set a percentage range of change for your original investment in this subaccount. When you entered your purchase data we'll calculate that percentage of your ORIGINAL investment for this subaccount. For example; if the percentage for a subaccount was 42.34% and you entered 10 (10%) in this field - if the current value percentage of the subaccount exceed 52.34% or 32.34% the percentage field would appear yellow.

The yellow indicated that your original investment in the sub-account has varied by your specified limit and it may be time to consider rebalancing the assets in your account.

At the top of the page we have calculated the percentage of money that you have invested by Investment Objective.

Current Portfolio Information

The current price per share of the subaccount as of the close of business on Wednesday, values updated each Friday evening.

The current value of this subaccount.

The dollar gain or loss in this subaccount.

% GL
The percentage gain or loss in this subaccount.

The CURRENT percentage of your total account value of this portfolio invested in this subaccount. When it appears in yellow it means that the current value percentage allocation of this subaccount is greater than the percentage limit you initially chose.

This is the Asset Rebalancing percentage limit you entered at the time you entered your purchase information for this subaccount.

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