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  Monday   June 26, 2017
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Variable Annuity Products & Websites

Company Variable Annuity Products Unit
AAL Capital Management AAL Variable Annuity NA Yes 800-553-6319
AARP American Maturity NA NA  
Acacia Group Allocator 200 NA NA  
Aetna Life Ins & Annuity Co. Aetna Marathon Plus
Growth Plus
MultiVest Plan
VA Account C
VA Account D3
NAV Yes 800-367-7732
AIG Life Insurance Co. AIG Life Insurance Variable AcctI
Alliance Gallery I
Variable Annuity II
NA NA 800-862-3984
Alexander Hamilton Life Allegiance Variable Annuity NA NA 800-289-1776
Allianz Life Insurance Company Franklin Valuemark II NA NA 800-342-3863
Allmerica Financial Allmerica Select Resource
Allmerica Medallion
Execannuity Plus
Seperate Account (A,B,C,G,H)
NA NA 800-669-7353
American Enterprise Life AE Personal Portfolio NA NA 800-333-3437
American Express Advisors
IDS Life
IDS Flexible Premium Annuity NAV Yes 800-386-2042
American General Life Seperate Account D
Variety Plus
NA NA 800-247-6584
American International Life Variable Account A NA NA 800-362-7500
American Life Insurance Co. of NY American Seperate Account No. 2 NA NA 800-872-5963
American Partners Life Insurance Priviledged Assets Select Annuity NA NA 800-297-8800
American Republic InsuranceCo. Paine Webber Advantage Annuity NA NA 800-367-6058
American Skandia Life Assurance Advisors Plan II (ASAP II)
XTra Credit (ASXT)
Protector (ASPro)
LifeVest (ASL)
Impact (ASI)
Advisors Choice 2000
NA 800-704-6201
American United Life AUL American Individual Unit Trust Yes NA 800-863-9354
Ameritas Variable Life Ins. Overture Annuity II
Overture Annuity III Plus
NA NA 800-634-8353
Anchor National Life
(SunAmerica, Inc.)
American Pathway II
Polaris II
NAV's Yes 800-445-7862
Annuity Investors Life Ins. Commodore Navigator
Commodore Nauticus VA
Commodore Americus
NA NA 800-789-6771
Banker Security Life Ins. Centennial (P)
Centennial (Q)
The USA Plan (P)
The USA Plan (Q)
NA NA 800-
BMA Clarity Variable Annuity NA Yes 1-800-262-8131
Canada Life Ins. of America Trillium
Varifund Annuity
NA NA 800-905-1959
Charter National Life Scudder Horizon Plan NA NA 800-225-2470
CNA Capital Select Variable Annuity
Capital Select Equity Index Annuity
NA NA 800-262-1755
Conn. General Life Ins.
CIGNA ACCRU Variable Annuity NA NA 800-628-2811
COVA Financial Services Life COVA Variable Annuity NA NA 800-343-8496
Dreyfus Dreyfus/Transamerica Triple Advantage NA NA 800-258-4260
Equitable Life Assurance Soc. Accumulator
Equi-Vest Persoanl Ret Program
Income Manager Accumulator
Income Manager Rollover
Momentum Plus
Rollover IRA
NA NA 800-628-6673
Equitable Life of Iowa Equi-Select NA NA 800-344-6864
The Hartford The Director
The Director I
Dean Witter Select Deminsions
Putnam Capital Manager Plan
NA NA 800-862-6668
IDS Flexible Portfolio Annuity
IDS Life Flexible Annuity
NA NA 800-437-0602
Farm Bureau Life Ins. Co. Farm Bureau Life VA NA NA 800-247-4170
Fidelity Inv Life Ins. Co. Fidelity Retirement Reserves NA NA 800-544-2442
Fidelity Standard Life Fidelity Standard Life Seperate Acct NA NA 800-283-4536
First Investors Life Ins. Execannuity Plus (NY) NA NA 800-832-7783
1st Providian Life & Health Vanguard Variable Annuity Plan (NY) NA NA 800-523-9954
First Sunamerican Life First SunAmerica ICAP II (NY)
First SunAmerica Polaris
NA NA 800-996-9786
First Transamerica Life Dryfus/Transamerica Triple Advantage NA NA 800-258-4260
First Variable Life Ins. Co. Vista Annuity/Capital Five VA
Capital No Load Annuity
NA 800-228-1035
Fortis Benefits Ins. Co. Fortis Masters VA
Fortis Opportunity VA
Fortis Value Advantage Plus VA
Fortis Benefits Ins. Co.
NA NA 800-800-2638
General American Life G.T. Global Allocator
General American Sep Acct Two
NA NA 800-233-6699
Glenbrook Life & Annuity AIM Lifetime Plus VA
STI Classic VA
NA NA 800-776-6978
Golden American Life Fund For Life
Golden Select DVA
Golden Select DVA Plus
NA NA 800-243-3706
Great American RSV Insurance Great American RSV VA Acct C
Great American RSV VAE
NA NA 317-571-3700
Great Northern Ins. Annuity Corp. Paragon Power Portfolio VA NA NA 800-455-0870
Great West Life & Annuity FutureFunds Series Account
Maximum Value Plan (MVP)
NA NA 800-468-8661
Guardian Ins. & Annuity Guardian Investor
Value Guard II
NA NA 800-221-3253
Integrity Life Insurance Co.
ARM Financial Group
Grandmaster II
New Momentum
NA NA 800-325-8583
Western Reserve Life
Retirement Advantage NA NA 800-504-4440
John Hancock Accumulator
Accommodator 2000
Independence Preferred
NA NA 800-732-5543
Jackson National Life JNL Perspective NA NA 800-873-5654
Jefferson-Pilot Life Alpha
Alpha Flex
Jefferson-Pilot Seperate Acct A
NA NA 910-691-3448
Kemper Investors Kemper Advantage III
Kemper Passport
NA NA 800-554-5426
Keyport Life Insurance Keyport Perferred Advisor
Preferred Advisor
NA NA 800-367-3654
Life Insurance Co. of Virginia Commonwealth Variable Annuity Plus NA NA 800-352-9910
Lincoln Benefit Life Investors Select
Investors Select Variable Annuity
NA NA 800-865-5237
Lincoln National Life American Legacy
American Legacy II

American Funds
LN Variable Annuity Multifund
NA NA 800-421-9900
London Pacific Life Regency Series Variable Annuity NA NA 916-641-4200
Lutheran Brotherhood LB VIP Variable Annuity NA NA 800-423-7056
Manufacturers Life Lifetrust 1
Lifestyle Fixed
NA NA 800-827-4546
Sun Life of Canada
MFS Regatta Gold
Compas 2
NA NA 800-752-7216
MassMutual Flex Extra
Panorama Plus
Panorama Premier
NA NA 800-366-8226
MBL Life Assurance Corp DreyfusSeries 2000
Dreyfus Series 2000 (2)
Mutual Benefit VAC Acct-2
Mutual Benefit VAC Acct-3
Seligman Mutual Benefit Plan
NA NA 1-800-821-7877
Merrill Lynch Life Ins. Co. Portfolio Plus
Retirement Plus(a)
Retirement Plus (B)
NA NA 800-535-5549
MetLife The Preference Plus Account NA NA 800-553-4459
Midland National Life Seperate Account C NA NA 800-638-5000
Minnesota Mutual Life Megannuity
Multioption Flexiable Annuity
NA NA 800-443-3677
MML Bay State Life Ins. Lifetrust 1 NA NA 800-272-2216
Monarch Life Insurance Company Milestone NA NA
Mony Life Ins. Co. of America Keynote
The Moneymaster
The Valuemaster
NA NA 800-487-6669
Mutual of America Life Mutual of America Seperate Acct 2 NA NA 800-463-3785
National Integrity Life Grandmaster (NI)
Grandmaster II (NI)
NA NA 800-433-1778
Nationwide Best of Americas Vision
Best of America III
Best of America IV
Fidelity Advisor Classic
Fidelity Advisor Annuity Select
MFS Spectrum
Nationwide Variable Account 3
NEA Valuebuilder Annuity
Nationwide Life & Annuity VA (A)
One Investors Annuity
NA NA 888-867-5175
New York Life Facilitator (I)
Facilitator (II)
NYLIAC VA II (Qualified)
NA NA 212-576-6569
New England Mutual Life Zenith Accumulator
American Growth Series
North American Security Life Venture
Venture Vision
NA 800-334-4437
Northbrook Life Ins. Co. Dean Witter Variable Annuity
Dean Witter Variable Annuity II
NA NA 800-654-2397
Northern Life Northern Life Advantage NA NA 800-870-0453
Northwestern Mutual Life NML Variable Annuity Acct C NA NA
Northwestern National Life
Northstar NWNL Variable Annuity
Select Annuity II
Select Annuity III
NA NA 800-621-3750
Ohio National Life Insurance Co. Top A (A)
Top A (B)
Top Plus (B)
NA NA 800-366-6654
Pacific Corinthian Life Pacific Corinthian Variable Annuity NA NA 619-452-9060
Pacific Life Pacific Select Variable Annuity
Pacific One
Pacific Portfolios
NA NA 800-722-2333
Paine Webber Life Insurance Paine Webber Milestones B
Paine Webber Milestones D
NA NA 800-552-5622
Penn Insurance & Annuity Pennant NA NA 800-548-1119
Penn Mutual Life Insurance Diversifier II NA NA 800-548-1119
PFL Life Insurance Endavor Variable Annuity
Fidelity Income Plus
NA NA 800-525-6205
Phoenix Home Mutual Big Edge
Big Edge Choice
Big Edge Plus
Templeton Investment Plus
NA NA 800-243-4361
Principal Mutual Life Insurance Pension Builder Plus
Principal Variable Annuity
NA NA 800-986-3343
Protective Life Insurance Co. Protective Variable Annuity NA NA 800-456-6330
Provident Mutual Life & Annuity Market Street VIP
Market Street VIP(2)
Options VIP
NA NA 610-407-1717
Providian Life & Health Marquee Variable Annuity
Providian Prism
The Advisors Edge
NA NA 800-866-6007
Prudential Discovery Select
Variable Investment Plan
Discovery Plus
Putman Capital Manager
NA 800-225-1581
SAFECO Life Insurance Co. Spinnaker Q & NQ Flex
Spinnaker Plus
SAFECO Resource Acct A
SAFECO Resource Acct B
NA NA 800-426-6730
Schwab Schwab Variable Annuity NA NA 800-838-0650
Security Benefit Life Parkstone Variable Annuity
SBL Variable Annuity Acct III
SBL VAriable Annuity Acct IV
Variflex LS
T. Rowe Price Variable Annuity


Security First Life Ins. Flexible Bonus
Investors Choice
NA NA 800-284-4536
Security Life of Denver Exchequer Variable Annuity NA NA 800-933-5858
Issued by Anchor National Life
Polaris II
NAV's Yes 800-858-8850
Sun Life Assurance of Canada MFS Regatta Gold
MFS Regatta
Compass 3
Compass 2
NA NA 800-752-7216
TIAA College Retirement Equities Fund
NA 800-842-2776
Templeton Templeton Imm.Variable Annuity NA NA 800-292-9293
Touchstone Touchstone Variable Annuity
Touchstone Variable Annuity II
NA 800-669-2796
Transamerica Occidental Life Ins. Co. Schwab Investment Advantage
Dryfus/Transamer Triple Advantage
NA NA 800-258-4260
Travelers Universal Annuity
Portfolio Architect
NA NA 800-334-4298
Union Central Life Insurance Carillon Account NA NA 800-825-1551
United Companies Life Insurance Spectraselect NA NA 800-825-7568
United Investors Life Advantage II NA NA 800-999-0317
United of Ohama Life Ins. Co. Ulitrannuity Series V NA NA 800-453-4933
USAA Life Insurance Co. USAA Life Variable Annuity NA NA 800-531-6390
The Vanguard Group
(Providian Life & Health)
Vanguard Variable Annuity NA NA 800-522-5555
Variable Annuity Life Ins. Portfolio Directory 2
Independence Plus
Portfolio Director
Portfilio Director 2
NA 800-228-2542
Western Reserve Life Janus Retirement Advantage
WRL Freedom Attainer
WRL Freedom Bellwether
WRL Freedom Conqueror
C.A.S.E. Reserve Variable Annuity
Meridian/INVESCO Sector VA
NA NA 800-443-9974
ext. 6510

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